Euchre Social and Fundraiser
Saturday May 14, 2022 04:00 PM
Saturday, May 14, 2022 09:00 PM

Location: Banbury Community Centre (120 Banbury Road, North York)

Join us for a fun evening of cards to help raise money for our JLT community programs.

JLT Members, friends, and family are all welcome (anyone 18+). We will also have beginner tables for those who are a little rusty or have never played before.

Tickets are $65 each and include dinner, a progressive euchre tournament, a silent auction, and a wine pull. Tickets will sell out fast, so buy yours today!

(NOTE: there will be NO tickets sales at the door)

This is a non-alcoholic event

Due to government guidelines please review the link below which is the Covid-19 Screening form and complete prior to coming to this event.** We will continue to follow government screening protocols.

Ballantyne, Arden

Ballantyne, Jack

Ballantyne, Rob

Bastien, Lianne

Brown, Marsha

Buss, Donna

Carroll, Mary

Chapman, Carl

Chapman, Dona

Convey, Jennifer

Coyle, Robin

D'Alimonte, Silvia

Drayton, Dawn

Drayton, Dawn

Dushenski, Carolyn

Elder, Diane -jlt sust.member

Ferguson, Jennifer

Findlay, Brian

Findlay, Susannah

Fisher, Adrienne

Gage, Marlene

Gauthier, Willa

Goddard, Adrienne

Goddard, Scott

Gray, Muriel

Guiney, Diane

Hartwell, Nadanne

Heim, Izzy

Heim, Joe

Henry, Paul

Hewitt, Candice

Hill, Emily

Hogan, Derek

Holborn, Jane

Hutton, Deanna

Hutton, Geni

Hutton, Joe

Hutton, Linda

Ballantyne, John

Janutka, Michelle

Jaques, Kathy

Jhaveri, Julia

Jones-Shantz, Marcia

Kinney, Jim
 If I order my partner up do I have to go alone? Lol Can't wait!
Kinney, Linda
 If I order my partner up do I have to go alone? Lol Can't wait!
Kostuik, Selby

Labbett, Cathy

Lawless, Alexandra

Liscombe, Don

Liscombe, Sajuli

Lyle, Susanne

Macdonald, Suzanne

McAlpine, Cam

McClelland, Jan

McLean, Dan

McLean, Michelle

Murphy, Jessica

Naman, Jessica

Pacini, Margie

Phillips, Anastasia

Rabishaw, Bryna

Rumack, Naomi

Scott, Darlene

Shantz, Steve

Sherman, Sarah

Sikura, Lorie

Siman, Jerry

Siman, Josie

Simmie, Trish

Smith, Jonna

Stevenson, Lisa

Tiong, Maggie

Uhl, Loretta

Wei, Jackie

Whiteside, Carolyn

Wood, Sarah

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